How To Prepare for a Colonic

What should I do before a colonic session?


  • Hydration is key. Our bodies use water in all the cells, organs, and tissues, to help regulate body temperature and maintain other bodily functions. If we are not meeting this very essential basic need, how can we expect our body to carry out its functions?
  • Be conscious of what you consume. Avoiding food and drinks that do not support your digestive system will help you get the most out of your session. (e.g. hard to digest meats, dairy, cheese, processed foods, and sugars)
  • R&R (Rest and Relaxation) your mind and gut are connected via your central nervous system. When you are in a calm, relaxed state, your body is more inclined to release encrusted material.
  • Movement “Nothing happens until something moves.” – Albert Einstein
  • Epsom salt baths are often recommended for their physical and mental health benefits, this is a great form of self-care for any occasion.
  • Gut support: Ion*Biome and probiotics support your gut health before and after colon hydrotherapy.

*More information is available upon request.*


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