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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is colon hydrotherapy / colonic irrigation?

Colon Hydrotherapy, traditionally known as Colonic Irrigation, gently fills the colon with warm sterile filtered water through a small sterile rectal tube. When the water is flushed out, it carries with it any material that has built up or encrusted the lining in the large intestine(colon), such as waste matter, toxins, and trapped gases.

Is there a special kind of water used for Colon Hydrotherapy?

We use highly filtered water, which passes through two separate filters and an UltraViolet Purification Light, before being heated to the correct temperature.

Will laxative accomplish the same result?

Laxatives empty the colon short term but are an irritant to the body. Therefore, the body produces a thin watery substance that goes through the colon and leaves behind impacted toxins and waste. Colon hydrotherapy uses pure water and does not irritate the body. One of the tremendous benefits is that it actually hydrates the body.

How long is a single appointment?

Each appointment is tailored specifically for your individual needs but usually lasts between 50 – 75 minutes. 

What is a Libbe Colon Hydrotherapy open system?

The Libbe device open system is the Rolls Royce of Colon Hydrotherapy devices, providing more privacy, dignity and efficiency while offering the client a more relaxing, safe and comfortable session. This system allows the client to be in more control and provides more overall privacy during their treatment.

The specially designed bed allows you to easily insert the lubricated thin rectal tube by yourself. Once the water is turned on your colon will gently take in as much water as it will tolerate, as you feel the need to evacuate, you simply release. Because of the continuous inflow and release during the treatment, the body’s own muscles are used to provide a more natural, gentle release. At the same time, peristalsis (action of the muscles of the colon) is greatly stimulated and this provides an excellent workout for the colon. Because of the nature of the LIBBE device, the qualified therapist does not need to be there with you all the time. This affords you as much privacy as you may desire.

How is Colon Hydrotherapy different from enemas?

Enemas are good to clean out the sigmoid and rectal areas of the colon, which extend to about 1ft. A series of colon-hydrotherapy treatments can clean out and remove impacted material from the whole colon which is 5 ft long. Additionally, colon hydrotherapy promotes peristalsis and helps the colon muscles regain tone therefore assisting the return of regular bowel movements.

What can I expect from Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy is not a cure, but a valuable procedure used to assist the body for a wide variety of different colon-related conditions. By re-toning the bowel wall and improving colon functions, the entire body is able to function more efficiently.

How does Colon Hydrotherapy affect the Bacteria balance in my body?

Colon hydrotherapy does not flush all good or bad bacteria out of the body. Once toxins are removed from the colon, the beneficial bacteria have a cleaner habitat facilitating their reproduction and multiplication, therefore achieving a positive bacterial balance.

Meet Your Colon Hydrotherapist

Marcy Burns

I am a “student of life” or “seeker for knowledge.” My pursuit of answers focusing on holistic approaches for improving health and wellness began in my early stages of motherhood. Having two babies with medical conditions can leave you at the mercy of the traditional medical system, which I soon realized didn’t work for me or my children. This was when the hunger for answers began directing me to colon hydrotherapy, which improved not only my quality of life, but was a game changer for my children as well. 

My 13+ years of experience as a massage therapist has created the perfect relationship which allows me to offer my clients added benefits to their colon hydrotherapy session.  Each individual is so unique and complex. Taking the time to create the perfect colon hydrotherapy session is my primary focus. I would love to support and encourage people to re-program old patterns and increase the potential for a better overall quality of life.